Service 0% Interest Over 6 Months Option

Service 0% Interest Over 6 Months Option

Tuesday 05 September 2017

Now, you can install your maintenance with Zero % interest over 6 months when you pay with your NBE or Banque d'Egypte credit card.


Question 1: do all NBE and Banque d’Egypte credit cards cover installment?

Answer 1: Installment is only for payment through credit card NOT debit cards.


Question 2: Does the transaction require an application form?

Answer 2: Nothing is required except asking the cashier to apply 6 months installment.


Question 3: If credit card limit is consumed, would I still be eligible for installment?

Answer 3: Your credit card limit should be higher or equal the total bill amount.


Question 4: How is the installments calculated and due payments timing?

Answer 4: Please contact bank call center for detailed information.


Question 5: Is there a minimum amount to be eligible for installment?

Answer 5: Any bill amount is eligible for installment

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